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                    R4900 G3 Front View with Bazel
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                    Designed for the workloads of modern data centers

                    High expandability, high scalability, and high efficiency

                    With up to 24 NVMe SSDs and SATA M.2 SSDs, the new-generation R4900 G3 provides super expandability and configuration agility required by modern data centers.

                    As an indigenous mainstream dual-processor 2U rack server, the R4900 G3 adopts the most recent Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, which improves processing performance by 71% and increases the number of cores by 27%. The use of 2933MT/s DDR4 DIMMs improves data transfer rate by 50% and extraordinary expandability is provided through up to 10 PCIe 3.0 slots and a maximum of 31 drives. The R4900 G3 supports power supplies with 96% efficiency and an operation temperature range of 5°C to 50°C (41°F to 122°F), creating high return on investment.

                    You can use the R4900 G3 to support the following services:

                    - Virtualization — Support multiple types of workloads on a single server to save space

                    - Big Data — Manage exponential growth of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data.

                    - Applications centered on storage — Remove I/O bottleneck and improve performance

                    - Data warehouse/analysis — Query data on demand to help service decision

                    - Customer relationship management (CRM) — Help you to gain comprehensive insights into business data to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

                    - Enterprise resource planning (ERP) — Trust the R4900 G3 to help you manage services in real time

                    - Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) — Deploys remote desktop service to bring great office agility and enable telecommuting with any device anywhere anytime

                    - High-performance computing and deep learning — Provide 3 dual-slot wide GPU modules in a 2U footprint, meeting the requirements of machine learning and AI applications

                    The R4900 G3 supports Microsoft® Windows® and Linux operating systems, as well as VMware and H3C CAS and can operate perfectly in heterogeneous IT environments.

                    Excellent performance improves data center productivity

                    - Support the most up-to-date tech platforms and massive memory expansion

                    - Support high-performance GPU acceleration

                    Scalable configuration protects IT investment

                    - Flexible subsystem selection

                    - Modular design that allows phased investment

                    Comprehensive security protection

                    - Indigenous chip-level encryption

                    - Security bezel, chassis lock, and chassis intrusion monitoring


                    2 ×2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors (CLX&CLX-R)

                    (Up to 28 cores and maximum 205 W power consumption)


                    3.0 TB (maximum)

                    24 × DDR4 DIMMs

                    (Up to 2933 MT/s data transfer rate and support of both RDIMM and LRDIMM)

                    (Up to 12 Intel ® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory Module.(DCPMM)

                    Storage controller

                    Embedded RAID controller (SATA RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10)

                    Standard PCIe HBA cards and storage controllers (Optional)


                    4 GB DDR4-2133MHz


                    Front 12LFF + rear 4LFF and 4SFF or front 25SFF + rear 2LFF and 4SFF(supports SAS/SATA HDD/SSD, front and inside NVMe drives, and up to 24 front NVMe drives)

                    480 GB SATA M.2 SSDs (Optional)

                    SD cards


                    1 × onboard 1 Gbps management network port

                    1 × mLOM Ethernet adapter that provides 4 × 1GE copper ports or 2 × 10GE copper/fiber ports

                    1 × PCIe Ethernet adapters (Optional)

                    PCIe slots

                    10 × PCIe 3.0 slots (eight standard slots, one for Mezzanine storage controller, and one for Ethernet adapter)


                    Front VGA connector (Optional)

                    Rear VGA connector and serial port

                    5 × USB 3.0 connectors (one at the front, two at the rear, and two in the server)

                    1 × USB 2.0 connector (Optional)

                    2 × MicroSD slots (Optional)


                    3 × dual-slot wide GPU modules or 8 × single-slot wide GPU modules

                    Optical drive

                    External optical drive

                    Only the 8SFF drive models support built-in optical drives


                    HDM (with dedicated management port) and H3C FIST


                    Support Chassis Intrusion Detection,TCM1.0/TPM2.0

                    Optional PCIe Protection module,Provide Firewall、IPS、Ant-virus and QoS features

                    Power supply and ventilation

                    Platinum 550W/800W/850W/1200W/1600W, Titanium, or 800W –48V/336V DC power supplies (1+1 redundancy)

                    Hot swappable fans (supports redundancy)


                    CCC, CECP, SEPA,CE,EAC,UL etc.

                    Operating temperature

                    5°C to 50°C (41°F to 122°F)

                    The maximum operating temperature varies by server configuration.

                    Dimensions (H × W × D)

                    Without a security bezel: 87.5 × 445.4 × 748 mm (3.44 × 17.54 × 29.45 in)

                    With a security bezel: 87.5 × 445.4 × 769 mm (3.44 × 17.54 × 30.28 in)


                    Three years Next-business-day Onsite Support, 5×9

                    H3C Solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

                    Run virtualized applications on-premises

                    We are bringing our fully validated and optimized UniServer R4900 G3 into the Microsoft Azure Stack HCI solutions to handle virtualization and management.

                    H3C Solutions for Intel®Select Solution for NFVI

                    Systems for the Future-Forward, Agile Data Center

                    H3C has chosen to partner with Intel to verify its UniServer R4900 G3 as an Intel®Select Solution for NFVI, which lets users benefit from workload-optimized performance and also Intel’ experience in the NFV market.

                    H3C Solutions for vSAN ReadyNode™

                    Automation and customized configurations

                    vSAN ReadyNode™ is jointly recommended by VMware and H3C on the tested and certified UniServer R4900 G3 for vSAN deployment.

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